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Fly fishing services

We teach fly tying

We are fly fishing guide and teacher in the province of Quebec in Canada

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Fly fishing 

2 options : Trout or Salmon


We guide for trout in south of Montreal

and near Victoriaville city (2,5h from Montreal, 2h from Quebec).

  • Come to visit an awesome trout river where they add trouts each week and looks like a little salmon river in a valley with clear water !


Matapedia river or Matane

  • Come to learn to fish salmon on the rivers. We have chance to fish natural river with amazing landscape. 

Come enjoy an adventure of fly fishing with us!

Our options :

Duration : 5 h or 8h 
Start at 220$
Full day ? Ask for including meals, fly rod and more!

We provide you a list about what to bring, where you could stay and etc.

International people, are welcome and discover our typical meal on the river.

All our service are with catch and release only,


Awesome landscape

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